limitEDitions X le coq sportif ECLAT ROSE ´´Friends and Family ``
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limitEDitions X le coq sportif ECLAT ROSE ´´Friends and Family ``
23 . 04 . 16

Our store in Barcelona, will release on April 23rd with le coq sportif the ECLAT ROSE FRIENDS & FAMILY, a premium and limited edition of the ECLAT, the legendary model of the French firm. These exclusive sneakers are a continuation of the ECLAT ROSE EXD, that were launched in 2014. Again, they pay tribute to the rose, one of the most representative flowers of Barcelona. It is for this reason that the truly symbolic Saint Jordi has been chosen as the release date, as it is thought of the day when roses are the main protagonists. Both le coq sportif and limitEDitions will launch this special edition to reward their most loyal customers and fans, hence its name Friends & Family.

The ECLAT ROSE FRIENDS & FAMILY, following its predecessor, is once again made with waterproof Premium Nubuck, simulating the effect of dewdrops on the rose petals. However, this time, the shoe is crafted in an elegant burgundy color. Embroidered at the back of the shoe you will find a burgundy rose and the green leaf limitEDitions logo. The packaging follows the sneakers premium line and is presented in a carved wooden box for a vintage look, each one of them numbered as part of the limited edition.

The entire set results in a unique and original pair of sneakers, true to the sport-chic essence of the French brand. The collaboration between le coq sportif and limitEDitions beautifully comes together paying a tribute to the rose again, and to a very special Saint Jordi Day.